The Burns Unit of the Hospital Internacional de Colombia - HIC is responsible for the comprehensive management, recovery and post-hospital treatment of patients, adults and pediatric, who suffer some type of burn, supporting their physical, emotional and social recovery.

Burns are a skin lesion due to contact or exposure of a dangerous agent and can be caused by various causes such as: fire, electricity, liquids (boiling or inflamed), incandescent solids and chemicals.

Our Unit aims to provide immediate and optimal care for the burned patient and his family, with emphasis on the reduction of sequelae, obtaining the best aesthetic and functional results and early reintegration into society, always thinking about their relief and well-being .


We offer a comprehensive care to our burned patients:

  • Clinical Assessment by the Plastic Surgery Service.
  • Reconstructive Surgery of the Burned Patient.
  • Healing.
  • Pain Relief Clinic.
  • Physical, Occupational and Respiratory Therapy.
  • Nutrition, Psychology and Psychiatry.

With the multidisciplinary support of services such as: General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Infectology and Adult and Pediatric Intensive Care Units, among others, that guarantee optimal care for the burned patient, accompanied by a warm and humanized treatment .

In addition, we have at your disposal the Banco Multitejidos FCV, which provides the service of obtaining, extracting, processing, preserving and storing tissues and bone marrow, specialized in four lines: Cardiovascular, Osteomuscular, Amniotic Membrane and Skin.


"The HIC Burns Unit is characterized by providing patients and their families with a specialized and comprehensive service from the moment they enter our facilities, during their treatment and rehabilitation, until their subsequent reimbursement to society."


We are one of the only two centers specialized in the management of burns that Santander has.