It is a personalized medical assessment, which determines the presence or absence of risk factors associated with diseases of high complexity through a series of tests and procedures of early detection and diagnosis, made by a highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary medical team.

¿Why are medical checkups important for your health?

Most people think medicine is mainly about disease treatment, but it is only a part of it. Prevention and diagnosis tests are changing the world, and helping people live healthier, providing them greater well-being.

Prevention consists in going beyond, as it allows risk factors identification, and early-stage diseases diagnosis, which could be treatable or even curable.

Through regular health checkups (once a year), we anticipate the issue instead of finding the disease out in an advanced stage, where there is not much that could be done.

Changing improper living habits and following the personalized recommendations made by professionals, is the best way of taking care of your health and the ones you love the most.

¿Why should you choose the FCV?

In the FCV we want to provide the best advice for a comprehensive and personalized health service.

Through an initial assessment adjusted to your needs and taking into account factors such as your lifestyle and family history, followed by a series of tests and procedures, we measure the potential risk of future illness and identify current problems and we give you personalized advice from experts regarding what should you do to take care of your health.

FCV´s Differentiating Benefits

Thinking about making your visit pleasant, we care about every detail to provide comfort and satisfaction.

We provide the development of the Executive Checkup with:

  • Permanent and exclusive accompaniment.
  • Preferential attention, without long waiting times.
  • Multidisciplinary, highly qualified and experienced team.
  • Friendly and cordial qualified staff.
  • Comfortable rooms where you will enjoy cable TV, Wi-Fi and a carefully selected menu.
  • Personalized results report with recommendations to take care of your health and well-being.
  • High technology medical equipment.
 check001 Make an appointment your Medical Checkup
With at least 3 days in advance.
 check002 Medical checkup's average times:
From 6 to 8 hours
*Varies acconding to chosen package.