• Ecocardiography: Evaluates cardiac structure and function, determines structure or function of the heart and / or heart valves alterations.
  • Stress Test: Determines the heart response to stress or exercise, therefore, it measures functional capacity and allows to detect coronary heart disease.
  • Thorax X-Ray: Determines cardio-pulmonary structural characteristics; it allows to identify pulmonary disorders and / or cardiac silhouette.
  • Total Abdomen Ultrasound: Determines structural alterations of solid viscera inside the abdomen (liver, spleen, kidneys, prostate, and gallbladder, among others).


  • Internal Medicine / Cardiology: Specialized medical analysis on cardiovascular origin pathologies.
  • Urology: Specialized medical analysis of genitourinary origin pathologies.
  • Cardiovascular Risk: Specialized medical analysis and calculation of cardiovascular risk through the Framingham scale, to determine the probability of the appearance of
  • cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years.
  • Nutrition: Education in food and healthy lifestyles.
  • Optometry: Complete visual examination and analysis to determine ocular alterations – Glaucoma screening.