We will detail step by step the process that should be followed by people who require or wish to be treated in our facilities.

Coordinating medical care at the International Hospital of Colombia is easy, no matter where you and your family come from. Becoming a patient includes four (4) steps, designed to make your family's planning and stay in the hospital more dynamic:

  1. Medical Evaluation - Treatment Plan.
  2. Cost Estimation - Treatment Plan Quotes.
  3. Financial Controls.
  4. Schedule of Appointments.


Step 1: Medical Evaluation - Treatment Plan Determination


We begin all health care consultations with a complete review of your current medical condition.

To initiate the medical review process, you must send us:

  • A summary of your current medical history (no more than 30 days)
  • Copies of all diagnostic reports by images, surgeries, laboratory and pathological tests that you have previously done.
  • We ask that all information be provided in English or Spanish, if possible.

As soon as we receive the documents, we will send them to the appropriate medical specialist to review them and issue a Proposed Treatment Plan.

Please note: if a medical review or second complete remote opinion is requested, or if a case requires doctors to evaluate pathological slides or imaging films from another hospital or clinic, doctor and hospital fees may apply.

*We will tell you in advance about the estimated costs associated with these services.

The tentative Treatment Plan will be confirmed or adjusted as necessary in the initial face-to-face assessment we will do, once you are in our facility.

Keep in mind that the more complete the medical information you send us, the more precise and appropriate the treatment plan made by our specialists will be.


Step 2: Estimated Costs - Treatment Plan Quotes


With the Tentative Treatment Plan, our staff will prepare a estimated cost for medical services. Once this quote has been completed, we will contact you (or the doctor who sent it) to inform you about the treatment proposal made by our specialists and the estimated cost of it.
It is important to understand that this estimated cost is not a bundled price arrangement nor does it represent the final costs of the diagnostic evaluation and subsequent treatment. In any case, in the quote we will specify what is included and what is excluded from it.

The review and quotation process generally takes between 5 and 7 business days.

Our doctors and support staff work as a team to provide your family with accurate financial and medical advice. However, until a doctor evaluates you in the hospital personally it is impossible to identify all the factors that can influence the diagnosis and treatment.

The Proposed Plan of Treatment may change once you have been evaluated in person, and even during the treatment itself, as recommended by the doctor. We can adapt and review the initial cost estimate, according to its evolution.

We understand that a visit to the hospital may involve additional non-medical costs for families. If you wish, our staff can inform you about the costs related to hotel rooms or short-term housing, as well as about transfers in the city and surroundings.


Step 3: Financial Controls


Once the estimated cost of the Proposed Plan of Treatment and medical services has been established, we will evaluate insurance coverage with you and your family.

You must present us with a letter of guarantee or confirmation of your coverage before presenting yourself to our facilities.

*If you do not have insurance that covers your medical expenses or with a sponsor that certifies coverage, you must pay the estimated cost of medical services before your first visit.

The estimate of the cost of medical services and other hospital bills can be paid by electronic bank transfers, cash and credit cards at our facilities.

Step 4: Schedule Appointments


Once the financial requirements have been met, we will confirm all scheduled appointments.

Your first contact will always be with the FCV International Office. In this way, we can give you an updated agenda of your questions and explain all the services we offer.

The FCV International Office will be your main contact during your stay in Bucaramanga.

At the time of your first visit, a logistics agent and a general practitioner will be assigned to you and your family, in charge of providing the best care and guiding you during your stay in the hospital.