Before your arrival:

  • Definition of your Personal Treatment Plan, through a specialized evaluation of your clinical case by a highly qualified interdisciplinary team.
  • Quotation of your Treatment Plan.
  • Verification of the coverage of your International Medical Insurance.

After your arrival:

  • Constant Contact with Patients 24/7
  • Periodic Update in English or Spanish of the Patient's Status to: Physician Sender and / or Entity Responsible for Payment (Insurer).
  • Coordination of Appointments and Authorizations with your Insurance Company required for your medical attention in our facilities.
  • Coordination of the Postoperative Care Plan.
  • Education Plan on the Management of the Disease.
  • Permanent Information to the Patient and his Family regarding the evolution of the treatment.
  • Periodic Update of Expenses Generated during the Attention Process.
  • Generation of your Account Receipt in Dollars.
  • Constant communication with the Administrative Department of your Insurance Institution abroad.