The Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia (FCV) goes back to the year 1982 when the Variet Children’s Life or Line of help to the children program of Variety Club International, inspired the creation of the “Heart to Heart” committee of New York led, in Colombia, by Dr. Franklin Roberto Quiros. In 1985, a group of specialists and personalities from Bucaramanga set out to create a private, non-profit entity dedicated to treating heart disease, making a group of doctors began consultation activities and exercise stress test in the Fundación Tercera Edad de la Congregación Mariana, and first cardiovascular surgeries in the Clínica Bucaramanga, in 1987.

In 1992, the FCV became part of the Clinica Carlos Ardila Lulle, acquiring the fourth floor, and expanding all diagnostic and interventional services of cardiology and peripheral vascular surgery, using surgery rooms, intensive care unit and hospitalization of this modern clinic.

Subsequently, in October 1997, the new headquarters of the Instituto del Corazón (IC) was inaugurated. A modern 14-story building with a capacity of 123 hospital beds distributed among three care units. In this same year it obtained the "National Cardiology Prize", and the "Colombian Biomedical Research Institute Corporation (ICIB)" was created.

To guarantee sustainability over time, the Institution's Strategic Plan was conceived, which contemplated the diversification of its health activities through self-sustaining Strategic Business Units that had to function under three guiding concepts: innovation, training and quality. As part of the strategy, in 1999 a continuous improvement plan was designed, with the aim of achieving ISO 9001 certification. This achievement, which was obtained in January 2001 and covered all its administrative and assistance areas, converted the FCV in the first hospital in Latin America to access a certification of that nature.

In 2006, the Business Unit of Telemedicine and Bioengineering Businesses was created to contribute to the optimization and modernization of healthcare services in Colombia, for the priority benefit of the excluded and dispersed populations, through the incorporation of Information Technologies and Communication (ITC).
In that same period, the Centro Tecnológico Empresarial (CTE) was inaugurated with more than 5,500 square meters built, space granted to the Strategic Business Units, in order to develop technology and knowledge.

At the end of December 2006, the operation of the Instituto del Corazón Santa Marta started, receiving 28 beds, of which 4 were Adult Intensive Care Units, where services of II, III and IV level of complexity were attended in 24 clinical specialties.

In 2007, the Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia received the visit of Recertification ISO 9001 by the ICONTEC certifying body, and opens a new Neonatal Room, a new Critical Care Unit, and consolidates the UEN "FCV Telemedicine", as the largest institution in this field at the national level.

In 2009, the FCV - Instituto del Corazón, in accordance with its institutional vision of being a national and international reference institution in the provision of services for highly complex diseases, is the first institution to receive the accreditation of the international model Joint Commission International in Colombia. In this same year, the consolidation of the International Services Office continues. It was created at the end of 2008 as a strategy to facilitate the handling of international patients to the institution.

In 2011, the Medicalized Transport Business Strategic Unit was launched, with the acquisition of a Westwind aircraft, a Learjet and a Robinson helicopter, with the aim of contributing to the internationalization of FCV services. During this year, the Biotechnology, Innovation and Technological Development office was also launched to strengthen innovation and research in the FCV.

After developing successful medical processes in national and international patients, and analyzing the population's demand for health services, the FCV carried out its most ambitious project in terms of its magnitude and social impact for the country. The new specialized medical complex that was born within the hospital services ecosystem of the FCV, called Hospital Internacional de Colombia (HIC), was inaugurated in July 2016 with the aim of meeting the needs of society in terms of healthcare capacity.

The hospital, located in Piedecuesta, 14.4 kilometers from the center of Bucaramanga, was designed according to the demanding medical architecture models, and has followed the rigorous standards of quality and safety worldwide. The lifting of the complex, which is the expansion of the current Instituto Cardiovascular (ICV) of the FCV, seeks to generate greater coverage in the needs of healthcare services, continues to be strengthened in specialties different from those related to matters of the heart.