The HIC represents the provision of a close and innovative health service for people, since it also transcends the level of business development that generates employment, knowledge and sustainability.

Designed to provide the best and most convenient comfort and experience for all its’ patients, the HIC facilities have modern, spacious spaces, different leisure areas such as the Healing Garden (outdoor garden designed to contribute to physical and emotional restoration to the patient, thus being a healing space), very comfortable waiting rooms, cafeterias with a wide variety of foods and free WiFi internet service throughout many of the common areas.

The HIC Medical Complex has 2 hospitals where it provides its’ services, the HIC Headquarters and the ICV Headquarters. Both are located in the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Area.





The medical complex is located in the middle of a natural environment of more than 2583338 square feet, located on the Km 7 Highway between the city of Bucaramanga and Piedecuesta in the Menzulí Valley. It has easy access through different types of private and public transport, in addition to a large covered parking lot.







The headquarters of the Cardiovascular Institute (ICV) is specialized in medical services related to the health of the heart. It is located at 155A Street N° 23 - 58 Urbanization El Bosque, Cañaveral, Floridablanca, Santander, Colombia.