The FCV Management Team is made up of the President, Corporate Vice President, Directors of Shared Services, and Business Unit Managers, who are responsible for executing the FCV strategy and achieving the institutional objectives, finding internal and external competitive advantages that respond to the needs and potentiate the effectiveness of the work.

Likewise, it aims jointly at the continuous improvement of the processes established by the institution, in order to improve productivity, efficiency and operating costs.

Dr. Víctor Raúl<br/>Castillo Mantilla
Dr. Víctor Raúl
Castillo Mantilla
FCV President
Dra. Sonia Stella<br/>Ramírez Ribero
Dra. Sonia Stella
Ramírez Ribero
 FCV Vice Presidency
Ana María<br/>Flórez Ocampo
Ana María
Flórez Ocampo
FCV General Secretariat - Legal Directorate
Germán Alonso<br/>González Amaya
Germán Alonso
González Amaya
FCV Compliance Officer
Lina Marcela<br/>Chaparro García
Lina Marcela
Chaparro García
Management of the Hospital Internacional de Colombia (HIC)
Olga Lucía<br/>Moreno Calderón
Olga Lucía
Moreno Calderón
Management of the Instituto Cardiovascular FCV
Dra. Olga Patricia<br/>Pachón Arciniegas
Dra. Olga Patricia
Pachón Arciniegas
Management of the Institute of Ambulatory and Preventive (IMAP)
Dr. Jaime<br/>Calderón Herrera
Dr. Jaime
Calderón Herrera
FCV Virtual Hospital Management
Lina Viviana<br/>Sanabria Villamizar
Lina Viviana
Sanabria Villamizar
FCV Puntos Vital Management
Dra. Norma Cecilia<br/>Serrano Díaz
Dra. Norma Cecilia
Serrano Díaz
FCV Research Direction
Dr. Federico Arturo<br/>Silva Sieger
Dr. Federico Arturo
Silva Sieger
FCV Clinical Studies Direction
Dr. Antonio<br/>Figueredo Moreno
Dr. Antonio
Figueredo Moreno
FCV Scientific Director
Rose Mary<br/>García Martínez
Rose Mary
García Martínez
FCV Support and Services Direction
Alicia<br/>Pabón Salazar
Pabón Salazar
FCV Labor Relations Direction
Sandra Magaly<br/>Carrillo Páez
Sandra Magaly
Carrillo Páez
FCV Financial Management
Ing. Aracely<br/>Jaimes Chanaga
Ing. Aracely
Jaimes Chanaga
FCV Information System Direction
Ing. Editson Vladimir<br/>Salamanca Araque
Ing. Editson Vladimir
Salamanca Araque
FCV Technological Infrastructure Direction
María Carolina<br/>Aguirre Navas
María Carolina
Aguirre Navas
Medical Informatics Director - CMIO
Juan Felipe<br/>Bayona Montoya
Juan Felipe
Bayona Montoya
Quality Medical Management
Alejandro<br/>Luna Franco
Luna Franco
Medical Air Transport Management (TAM)
María Paula<br/>Cornejo Reyes
María Paula
Cornejo Reyes
Commercial Direction International Office FCV