Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia

Corporate Values

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Carry out our work with total dedication, interest and care, always trying to deliver the best of ourselves, to obtain optimal results that generate total satisfaction for the clients, using appropriately the resources provided by the Institution. Doing things right from the beginning to the end, observing with a high ethical sense all the actions and interventions in the products and services that reach our customers, anticipating the opportunities for improvement that can lead us to work more and better every day.
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Contribute to the maintenance of a cordial and friendly work environment by recognizing and accepting the rights and differences of other people, complying in a timely manner with the established responsibilities and providing a considerate and courteous treatment to the people with whom we relate to everyday, mainly our customers.
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Acting with equity guiding the work towards the community, offering support and collaboration to other people, working with a sense of fraternity and union that not only leads to the achievement of personal goals, but also tending to the fulfillment of objectives that promote the development and institutional progress.


Work for personal and institutional development, creating new and better ways of doing things, always maintaining an attitude of flexibility towards change that in turn allows the search for solutions to unexpected setbacks that lead to continue strengthening the capacity for continuous learning.
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Generate trust, pleasant emotions and human feelings of good treatment to our customers and suppliers, in order to allow moments of truth and provide added value in the services that we offer them.
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Work day by day demonstrating a high sense of belonging and institutional commitment to the FCV, joining efforts to fulfill goals and objectives, defending the name of the institution, and always acting with transparency and sincerity, being loyal to the norms and values of the institution.
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Acting with the truth in each and every one of the acts towards our clients, suppliers and community in general, printing a sense of confidence, reliability and transparency in our work.