Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia

Habeas Data

Corporate Responsibility

For the exercise of habeas data, the owner of the personal data or who shows a legitimate interest in accordance with the regulations in force, may do so by contacting the compliance office through the following email: or directing a communication to the following physical address: Administrative headquarters of the FCV in Carrera 5 No. 6-33 in Floridablanca - Santander. Whoever exercises the habeas data must provide with precision the requested contact data in order to process and respond to your request and display the charges for the exercise of their rights.
Upon receiving the request for the exercise of Habeas Data, the CARDIOVASCULAR FOUNDATION OF COLOMBIA and CARDIOVASCULAR FUNDACIÓN ZONA FRANCA S.A.S will respond according to the terms of the law.
The treatment of the personal data carried out by the CARDIOVASCULAR FOUNDATION OF COLOMBIA and CARDIOVASCULAR FUNDACIÓN ZONA FRANCA S.A.S. in accordance with this policy, will be based on the standard, procedures and instructions adopted by this institution for compliance with the legislation applicable to the protection of personal information.
FCV - HIC Personal Data Processing Policy
  1. Consult, request or verify information about my location or contact data or those of my represented; and on the property or rights of me or my represented in public or private entities, or who know natural or legal persons, or who are in public search engines, social networks or physical or electronic publications, whether in Colombia or abroad.
  2. Contact me and / or my representative by sending messages by any means.
  3. Access, collect, process, update, preserve, share and delete my information and documentation and / or that of my client, even if a contractual relationship has not been perfected or after the termination of the same with the FCV.
  4. Compile and send to the competent authorities, including tax authorities and financial regulators, national or foreign, the information related to the ownership of the products and services contracted or that I and / or my representative may hire; contact data, and any information about me and / or my represented that will rest in the entity that is requested by national or foreign standards.
  5. They offer my client their products or services through any means or channel.
  6. Update my information or that of my client.
  7. Provide me or my representative with commercial, legal, product, security, service or any other information.
  8. To consult fines and sanctions to my position or in charge of my represented before the different administrative and judicial authorities.
  9. In general, to process my data or those of my represented according to the FCV's data protection policies.
The personal data in custody of the CARDIOVASCULAR FOUNDATION OF COLOMBIA and CARDIOVASCULAR ZONA FRANCA S.A.S FOUNDATION, in their capacity as responsable will be treated in compliance with the principles and regulations set forth in the applicable Colombian laws, which are aligned with good international practices.
Declaration of the Origin of Funds.
I declare that the resources I give do not come from any illegal activity of those contemplated in the Colombian criminal code or in any way that modifies or adds to it.

I will not accept that third parties make deposits to my accounts with funds coming from the illicit activities contemplated in the Colombian penal code or in any rule that modifies or adds to it, nor will I make transactions destined to such activities or in favor of persons related to them.

I authorize to cancel any relationship that you have with the FCV in case of infringement of any of the numerals contained in this document, exempting the entity from any liability arising from erroneous, false or inaccurate information that I have provided in this document or notation. of the same.

I voluntarily state that everything stated here is true and I make the following declaration of the source of funds to the FCV, in order to comply with the provisions of the External Circular, issued by the National Health Superintendence 009 of 2016, or any other that adds, modifies or replaces, the law 90 of 1995 (Anti Corruption Statute), the Organic Statute of the Financial System (decree 663 of 1993) and other related legal norms.
FCV - HIC Personal Data Processing Policy
Certificación PDP