Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia

Board of Directors

The FCV Board of Directors is made up of a President and Vice President, Principal and Alternate Members, an Honorary Member and a Secretary, they are responsible for setting the guidelines, general policies, and strategic direction of the institution by what is established by the Assembly and the Statutes, guiding it along the path of excellence, ensuring its growth and sustainability.

Additionally, among other responsibilities, they are in charge of approving the annual budget of income, expenses, and investments of the institution, regulating the internal functioning, organizing the necessary committees for the good functioning and approving the Good Government Code, which sets forth the principles and standards of conduct that seek to guide the attitude and behavior of the members of the Board of Directors, the Management Team, officials, and employees, by regulating, among other aspects, the mechanisms to prevent conflicts of interest and the use of privileged information.

Dr. Jorge<br/>Gómez Duarte
Dr. Jorge
Gómez Duarte
Dr. Jorge Enrique<br/>Morales Becerra
Dr. Jorge Enrique
Morales Becerra
Vice president
Dr. Federico Arturo<br/>Silva Sieger
Dr. Federico Arturo
Silva Sieger
Board Member
Dr. Jorge<br/>Pino Ricci
Dr. Jorge
Pino Ricci
Board Member
Dr. Franklin Roberto<br/>Quiroz Díaz
Dr. Franklin Roberto
Quiroz Díaz
Board Member
Dr. Carlos Alberto<br/>Luengas Luengas
Dr. Carlos Alberto
Luengas Luengas
Board Member
Dr. Luis Martínez<br/>Villalba Rodríguez
Dr. Luis Martínez
Villalba Rodríguez
Board Member
Dr. José Federico<br/>Saaibi Solano
Dr. José Federico
Saaibi Solano
Board Member
Dr. Jorge Enrique<br/>Mantilla García
Dr. Jorge Enrique
Mantilla García
Board Member
Dr. Roberto<br/>Cadena Durán
Dr. Roberto
Cadena Durán
Honorary<br/>Board Member