Recommendations for Visits to ICU

FCV Intensive Care Units

In the Care Unit of the Instituto Cardiovascular of the FCV, we work to take care of the health of our patients, so we recommend you to take into account the following indications to visit, receive information, and accompany the interns.
Admission Rules
  1. Stay in the waiting room until you are called to visit. 
  2. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed. 
  3. Remove rings, bracelets, and watches before entering to visit your family member. The cell phone must remain on vibration and should not be used inside the cubicles.
  4. Wash your hands using soap and a disposable towel according to the instructions provided by the Administrative or Nursing Assistant.
  5. Go to the cubicle where your family member is located and stay with him/her for the duration of the visit.
  6. The patient's diet is supervised by the Clinic's nutritionist, for this reason, it is NOT ALLOWED to bring in food or drinks.
  7. The patient must have rest, remember to enter only one companion at a time, handle a suitable tone of voice, and try to keep your visit short.
  8. Al ingresar a la unidad el visitante debe informar al personal de salud si padece alguna enfermedad. 
  9. Seniors must enter the visit accompanied by another family member. 
  10. The bed is for the exclusive use of the patient, therefore we ask that you do not sit on it or place objects on it. 
  11. Refrain from manipulating the elements and equipment that the patient has. 
  12. Please avoid administering medicines, creams, oils, or any other substance, without the authorization of the health personnel. 
  13. Even if the patient is unconscious, you may hear the visitor. Comments should be positive, permanently manifest your love and affection.
  14. We request that you leave at the end of visiting hours or when indicated by the health personnel. 
  15. In case the patient's closest relative requires it, he or she should indicate beforehand who can and cannot visit the patient.