Hospital Infrastructure

FCV Hospitalization Unit

The Instituto Cardiovascular of the FCV has a hospital infrastructure of 15,116 m2 built, distributed in 12 floors, a terrace, and 2 basements, dedicated to the Services of Surgery, Hemodynamics, Non-Invasive Methods, Outpatient, Diagnostic Support and Therapeutic Complementation, Hospitalization Services including ICU and Administrative Area.

FCV Installed Hospital Capacity

The Instituto Cardiovascular of the FCV currently has an installed capacity of 190 hospital beds at the service of our patients, companions, and families. Our spaces receive natural lighting, thus providing the patient with an experience of peace of mind during his or her medical treatment and stay in our facilities.

  • 31 Adult General Hospitalization Beds
  • 15 VIP Hospitalization Beds
  • 4 Beds General Pediatric Hospitalization
  • 6 Obstetric Beds
  • 2 Basic Neonatal Care Beds
  • 4 Neonatal Intermediate Care Beds
  • 12 Pediatric Intermediate Care Beds
  • 15 Intermediate Care Adult Beds
  • 20 Neonatal Intensive Care Beds
  • 34 Pediatric Intensive Care Beds
  • 47 Adult Intensive Care Beds
Adultos 62%
Pediatría 38%

+9 Observation Cubicles in the ICV Emergency Unit