About Us

FCV Hospitalization Unit

Our service of Hospitalization of the Instituto Cardiovascular of the FCV is responsible for providing basic and specialized health care in a comprehensive manner, with the highest standards of quality and care, in highly comfortable, spacious, and modern spaces, creating an atmosphere of trust and safety with our patients and their families.

Likewise, our service is based on the active participation of the patient in the care process, respecting their autonomy, human dignity, right to privacy, and confidentiality. In this way, we guarantee the provision of care services with high standards of humanization for our patients.

This service has a team of highly qualified professionals for the care of patients with cardiac pathologies of a high level of complexity, as well as the nutrition service adapted to the needs of each patient according to their physical condition. Additionally, we have a team specially dedicated to the support of hospitalized patients and their families, in bio-psycho-social attention.