Diagnostic Imaging

FCV Diagnostic Imaging - Radiology Service

The Instituto Cardiovascular de la FCV, has a Diagnostic Imaging Service as a independent unit in radiological diagnostic and procedures with contrast medium for inpatients and outpatients, it is equipped with state of the art technology and a specialized medical and sub-specialist team in radiology, a medical specialty responsible for interpreting the body images using different specialized equipment for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of different diseases.
Our FCV diagnostic support unit  is one of the highest quality services in the region.  We offer accurate diagnostics using state of the art biomedical diagnostic equipment: computed tomography, magnetic resonance, Ultrasonido,  Ultrasound, Conventional and Interventional Radiology and Doppler, which reduce radiation dose and provide superior image quality.

We have at our disposal all the necessary tools to perform specialized studies and diagnosis of different pathologies, as we are a fourth level of complexity institution.