Radiology and Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Diagnostic Imaging

FCV Cardiovascular Diagnostic Imaging Service

The Instituto Cardiovascular of the FCV, has the service of Cardiovascular Diagnostic Imaging as a unit of routine radiological diagnosis and contrasted procedures for inpatients and outpatients, which has the latest technology.
The medical team is composed of specialists in the areas of Cardiology and Radiology, which allows for a joint and synergistic work in which both branches contribute from their perspective to the image diagnosis of our patients. This complementarity is characteristic of our service, being one of the great strengths for patients who are referred to the FCV for their cardiovascular studies.
Our Cardiovascular Diagnostic Imaging service is one of the highest quality services in the region, providing diagnostics using state-of-the-art biomedical diagnostic equipment, computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, conventional ultrasound, and conventional radiology. Equipment that reduces radiation dose and provides superior image quality. 
Besides being in the third level of complexity institution, the diagnostic imaging unit of the FCV has all the necessary diagnostic tools for specialized studies and diagnosis of the different pathologies.
FCV Cardiovascular Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

The equipment of the FCV Cardiovascular Diagnostic Imaging Unit allows the acquisition of images with very high temporal and spatial resolutions.

Accurate diagnoses of cardiovascular pathologies make it easier for the members of our team of specialists to optimally handle each of our patients.

This technology allows us to have active protocols in different areas that include Colciencias-sponsored protocols, particularly in patients with cardiomyopathy due to Chagas disease. We also work actively with other sub-specialties, particularly electrophysiology, heart failure, and echocardiography, optimizing the diagnosis of cardiovascular pathologies and generating our research protocols.

3D Ultrasound Scanner - GE Voluson
It is the latest generation of ultrasound equipment that allows a fast and non-invasive evaluation of the different soft tissues of the body, without radiation risk and in a safe manner. It is the imaging modality of choice in obstetrics, pediatric patients, and in patients with contraindications for magnetic resonance imaging and contrast medium administration.

This tool is essential as a guide for interventional radiology procedures (biopsies, drains, markings, among others). It also allows the performance of conventional ultrasound, Doppler, evaluation of the abdomen, breast, soft tissues, thyroid, and as a guide for interventional procedures. 3D obstetric ultrasound, biophysical profile, and third-level detail ultrasound.

Additionally, we have a Voluson 3D Ultrasound Scanner for obstetrics that allows us to perform fetal detail studies and three-dimensional images.
Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Diagnostic Tests
  • Pediatric
  • Fetal
  • Transesophageal
  • M Mode
  • M-Mode and Two-Dimensional
  • M-Mode and Two-Dimensional Doppler
  • Stress with Stress Test or Pharmacological Test