About Us

FCV Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program of the Instituto Cardiovascular of the FCV provides integral attention during the different stages and phases of the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, through an interdisciplinary team that uses as strategies: education, emotional support, and physical training; in order to achieve changes in the lifestyle of the eligible patient.
The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is aimed at the patient with cardiovascular disease and includes different strategies such as: supervised exercise, nutritional guidance, emotional support, medical advice, healthy lifestyles, which contribute to improve the quality of life of the users and reduce the risk of a new cardiovascular event.
FCV Cardiac Rehabilitation Facilities

Our Adult Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program has a room of 16 x 12 meters in which the following areas are located:

  • Patient reception.
  • Doctor 's office.
  • Two exclusive bathrooms for patients.
  • Two showers.
  • Nursing reception.
  • Equipment and machine area.
  • Waiting area for family members.
  • Hydration area.
  • Stretching and heating area
  • Locker for patients