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Heart Failure Clinic FCV

Team of Specialists of the Cardiac Failure Clinic FCV

The Heart Failure Clinic of the FCV is made up of a team of medical specialists, whose main objective is to provide a personalized, preferential, dedicated and high-standard service to our patients, to provide timely and high-quality health care.

Our service is formed by an interdisciplinary team made up of Cardiologists, Chief Nurses, Nutritionists, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Social Worker, Nursing Assistant, Support of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team, and professionals in other Interconsultant Specialties.

Dr. Luis Eduardo Echeverría

Jefe Programa de Falla Cardíaca Adulto FCV

  • Cardiólogo - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Internista - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Médico - Universidad de Caldas

Dr. Javier Mauricio Castro Monsalve

Jefe Programa de Programa de Falla Cardíaca y Trasplante Pediátrico FCV

  • Cardiólogo Pediatra - Universidad El Bosque
  • Pediatra -  Universidad del Rosario
  • Médico Cirujano - Universidad El Bosque

Enf. Adriana Milena Jurado Arenales

Enfermera Coordinadora del Programa de Falla Cardíaca y Trasplante FCV

  • Master Alianza en Trasplante - Organización Nacional de Trasplante - ONT
    Certificado Enfermera Falla - American College of Cardiology - ACC 
  • Entrenamiento como enfermera en el cuidado de paciente trasplantado - FCV
    Enfermera - Universidad Industrial de Santander - UIS