Heart Transplant FCV

Heart Failure Clinic FCV

"Heart Transplant is currently considered the treatment of choice for terminal heart failure refractory to medical or surgical treatment."


This service is offered to all patients who come on an outpatient and hospital basis to be valued y evaluated by the Heart Failure and Heart Transplant group of the FCV. Where all the interventions required to improve their health, quality of life and well-being are carried out, from the pre-transplant phase that includes the selection, entry to the waiting list until its follow-up and monitoring.

The program offers the following services:

  • Adult Cardiac Transplant
  • Pediatric Cardiac Transplant
  • Heart Transplant – Kidney
  • Pre-Heart Transplant Study
  • Follow-up for patients after heart transplant
  • Heart Failure Clinic and Cardiac Transplant