Equipo Visita 1

We are pleased to introduce you our first visit team of the project. In the photo, from left to right, Liseth Rodriguez, nurse assistant with specialization on occupational health, with 8 years of expertise in management and clinical laboratory, is in charge of taking the biological samples and storage of them. Paula Pérez, Clinical Psychologist. Researcher in the lines of Mental Health, Health Psychology and Development in Neuropsychological Evaluation. Expertise in the care of patients with chronic diseases and in the design of prevention and promotion intervention strategies in health institutions. Karol Castillo, professional nurse, specialist in quality management and corporate health audit, with 10 years of expertise in the Coordination of Academic Clinical Studies and the pharmaceutical company. 

Paula Perez, will participate in the 3rd World Congress on Public Health & Nutrition, which will be held in London from February 26th to 28th, 2018, with the presentation: PATIENT'S PERCEPTION ON e-HEALTH INTERVENTION FOR IMPROVING MEDICATIONS ADHERENCE IN OCCLUSIVE ARTERIAL DISEASE.



"Officially the largest trial in mHealth of adherence of cardiovascular patients"

The people that appear in the photographs do not correspond to real patients included in the trial

First Visit begins when patients arrive to the clinic and they are guided to the consulting room. Then, we explain the informed consent for the Txt2 and for Biobank and if the patient wishes, he accepts and signs the same. After these signatures, we obtain a copy of the consent.  After that, we review inclusion criteria and made a call to the patient's cell phone so that the project contact is recorded in the patient's cell phone. Then, the nurse takes samples of biological markers (blood and urine (non-fasting) for subsequent measurement of LDL-C and 11dhTx B2 levels respectively) and vital signs (blood pressure and heart rate). The nurse also completes the biological markers form in which we take note about the hour the samples are taken. Afterwards the psychologist or the nurse conduct the interview in the electronic collection platform (Commcare), in this system we record demographic and clinical data (including anthropometric measures, history of smoking and concomitant cardiovascular medication) this information is  obtained from medical records, prescription, participant´s self-report and participants will show their tablets. Also, we conduct the evaluation of adherence to cardiovascular therapies used in ASCVDs using the MARS-5 Questionnaire and the evaluation of Depression using the PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire.

Once we finish the interview, we deliver to the patient a copy of the consent format with the ID card of the project. The patients signs the receipt of the documents and we check again that the patient has the cellphone number of the project in his own cellphone.

Finally, we provide a space for the concerns or questions that the patient could have. Last, we complete the transport assistance form, the patient signs and receives the money.