On November 28th  the Txt2 Heart Colombia team randomized the patient number 800, remarkable news for the entire team of researchers and collaborators, because it was one of the most important regional goals.

From left to right: Dr. Anderson Bermon (Principal Investigator), Paula Perez (Psychologist), Karol Castillo (Study Coordinator) and patient # 800.

Note: Patient # 800 gave consent for the use and publication of the image presented above.




Paola Suarez, Nurse  with experience in coordination  of promotion health programs for pregnant women, children,  adolescents and the elderly population. Paola has been involved in mental health programs for all kind of population and in the coordination of contract and notification of the surveillance system in pubic health. Currently, is the project coordinator of the metabolic syndrome in pediatric  patients.

She is involved in the project Txt2 Heart Colombia  by carrying out the visit 2 process, which consists of the telephone follow-up to the participants who have been  randomized in the study, during this phonecall, Paola  evaluates through a structured questionnaire some aspects related with the health of the patient and his opinion or comments of the study, in addition she verifies that the patient has received the text messages .

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year wishes you the research team of the Txt2 Heart Colombia project