Logistics services

CIRCULO Support and guidance given to the patient and their family from their arrival in Colombia, during their stay, and their return to their country of origin.
CIRCULO Airport – Lodging: – Coordination of transport through the Shuttle Bus including internal transfers.
CIRCULO Interpreter services.
CIRCULO Emotional Support.
CIRCULO Assistance in the internal processes of the institution (Admission, Payment).
CIRCULO Booking accommodations for lodging located within walking distance of our hospitals.
CIRCULO Free Internet access to Wi-Fi at the clinic and unlimited international calls.
CIRCULO Advice on immigration procedures.
CIRCULO Currency exchange.

Administrative services

CIRCULO Quotes of treatment plans, according to medical recommendations.
CIRCULO Verification of health insurance coverage.
CIRCULO Periodic updating of expenses incurred during the process of care.
CIRCULO Your bill generated and translated into dollars if needed.
CIRCULO Constant communication with the administrative department of the referral institution abroad.

Medical services

CIRCULO Definition of the plan of treatment through a clinical specialist by the interdisciplinary team after revisión of the case, integrating the referring physician and / or the Payment Manager (Insurance).
CIRCULO Periodic updating of patient status to the referring hospital and / or entity responsible for payment (Underwriter) in English or Spanish, depending on physician preference..
CIRCULO Coordination of a post-operative care plan.
CIRCULO Education on disease management.
CIRCULO Permanent information to the patient and family regarding the evolution of treatment.

Relief services

CIRCULO Support and patient support available 24/7.
CIRCULO Efficient coordination of medical appointments, tests and procedures.
CIRCULO A schedule for the post-operative treatment support.

Air Ambulance Services

CIRCULO We have a cross-disciplinary professional team specialized in critical care for adult and pediatric patients of high complexity in flight.
CIRCULO ICU Medical equipment.
CIRCULO Ability to transfer the patient with Extracorporeal Life Support (ECMO).
CIRCULO Flight coverage throughout the Caribbean and South America.
CIRCULO Ground ambulance.