The HIC Specialized Center in Urology offers its users a wide variety of services that fully cover the needs of each patient in this field. We have a physical infrastructure specially designed for medical care, equipped with the latest technology, and highly trained professionals in all areas and specialties, providing a comprehensive, responsible, ethical and human service.


We carry out a complete study that helps us determine the indicated treatment according to each patient, so that he can lead a satisfactory sexual life.


We offer comprehensive treatment for Urological Cancer through Laparoscopic Surgery (minimally invasive), in addition to Conventional Surgery; and advanced therapies of Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy, for Prostate, Bladder, Kidney, Penis and Testicular Cancer.

We have a unit integrated by multiple Specialists in Surgical Oncology and Clinical Oncology, in addition to the most innovative Oncology and Radiotherapy Center in the region, which allow us to deal with tumor diseases that compromise the urinary and genital organs, achieving the best results with the highest quality standards.


We seek that our procedures stand out for their novelty, that is why we carry out this minimally invasive surgical technique that consists of making small incisions through the body, introducing equipment with which the dissection and cutting of the tissues that are performed to be operated, for the correction of the different diseases that compromise the urinary system.

This method is ideal because it allows an easy intervention, as well as a better and faster recovery with less pain, bleeding, a better aesthetic result and a quick reintegration to work activity.


We have highly trained professionals for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of this medical-surgical subspecialty that is responsible for treating urological diseases in patients of both sexes, from newborns to adolescents aged 18 years. Also, we attend to the disorders that appear during sexual development.


They are minimally invasive techniques by which diseases of the urinary tract are diagnosed and treated, by endoscopic route. We are in charge of managing pathologies from the kidney to the urethra, such as: stones or "stones", with the Holmium Laser Calculation Surgery; prostate growth; tumors of the bladder and ureter, with transurethral resection; and the narrowing of the urethra.


It is a subspecialty of urology that consists of the study and management of diseases related to sexual function and alterations in male fertility; Its scope extends to the evaluation and management of sexually transmitted diseases and aesthetic alterations of the genitals.

We offer different and modern therapeutic modalities, depending on the patient's condition, so that you can be sure of being treated with the latest advances in treatment and by the best urology specialists in the region.


At HIC we offer this service that seeks to diagnose and find the ideal treatment for patients with lower urinary tract problems such as urinary incontinence, urinary tract obstruction and neurogenic bladder.


We provide a comprehensive study and management of diseases of the male and female urinary system, including infections and urinary incontinence. Additionally, we value diseases of the nervous system that may affect the urinary system, in order to determine an adequate treatment, with surgical techniques and the latest technology medical devices that respond to the needs of the patient.


We have a comprehensive offer for the treatment of benign and malignant tumors that may present in the prostate. The HIC Specialized Urology Center offers patients close and innovative care, backed by the latest technology equipment that ensures a health experience with the highest quality standards.


Our unit has a multidisciplinary team pioneer in the research, study and management of patients with sequelae in the urethra, congenital deformities of the genitals and their reconstruction, through microsurgery and grafting techniques for the rehabilitation of affected tissues.