The International Hospital of Colombia - HIC has a physical infrastructure specially designed for pediatric medical care, composed by four different spaces:


Consulta Externa Pediátrica

We have Outpatient Department availability in the following areas of pediatric care: General Pediatrics, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Pulmonology, Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Urology, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Pediatric Hematology and Pediatric Infectology.


Hospitalización Pediatría

In our Pediatric Hospitalization Unit we have 24 General rooms, 7 rooms of Intensive Care Unit - ICU, 6 Intermediate Care Unit rooms, 8 VIP Rooms, and the Healing Garden, un environment that our little patients can access, located in the VIP area and on the fifth floor.


Emergencias Pediatría

In the Emergency Department, we have two Medical Offices, General Observation Rooms, VIP Observation Rooms, Procedures Rooms, a Plaster Room, a fully equipped Pediatric Resuscitation Room, a Basic Radiology Unit and a Waiting Room specially adapted for the pediatric patient.


Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos e Intermedios Pediátricos

Located on the 3rd floor of the HIC, the Pediatric Intensive and Intermediate Care Unit has 7 Intensive Care Units and 6 Intermediate Care Units, ventilated and lighted rooms, equipped with high technology equipment.