We are an open care unit.

The patient can be accompanied by their family at all times, 24 hours a day.

We have the best facilities and hospital infrastructure in the region.

The hospital infrastructure of the unit covers a large space for 4 observation areas. Each observation area has 12 fully individual cubicles, allowing privacy to the patient and their family. Of the 12 cubicles, there are 2 isolation rooms that have their own exclusivity for patients who must remain isolated.


Galeria con Imagenes de las Instalaciones de Emergencia

Our resuscitation room is fully equipped so that 4 patients are treated simultaneously. We have 2 Procedure Rooms, one for clean procedures and one for contaminated procedures. We also have 1 X-ray room for the emergency department, and 1 waiting room for the ambulance crew and the patient. In addition, we have available two independent clinics for Triage, which is performed by nurses specially trained. And we also have independent clinics for medical assessment; a large waiting room with a cafeteria.


  • 12 Independent cubicles for each patient.
  • 4 Observation Areas.
  • 1 Resuscitation Room with capacity to treat 4 patients simultaneously.
  • 2 Urgent Procedure Rooms (Clean and contaminated).
  • 2 offices for assessment of the Triage.
  • 1 X-Ray Room.
  • 1 Healing Room.
  • 1 Plaster Room.
  • 1 Respiratory Therapy Room.
  • 1 Exclusive waiting room for patients admitted by ambulance.
  • 1 Exclusive VIP room for users of prepaid medicine and special health policies.
  • 1 Waiting Room with Cafeteria.