“We have the best facilities and hospital infrastructure in the region”.

The HIC Blood Bank is in Basement 1 of the Hospital Internacional de Colombia. It includes a large space for phlebotomy, for the extraction of whole blood, and an area for apheresis and specialized phlebotomy.

Each area has four (4) totally individual cubicles for whole blood donation, and two (2) cubicles for apheresis donation, respectively, providing comfort and a pleasant experience for the donor.

Our Unit was designed to give continuous monitoring to the donor and is divided into

  • 1 Reception.
  • 4 independent cubicles for the completion of the survey, fully equipped to attend to four (4) donors simultaneously.
  • 1 Clinic for the Donor Physical Examination and Screening Interview.
  • 1 Phlebotomy Area with four (4) cubicles to attend to four (4) donors simultaneously.
  • 1 Phlebotomy area for apheresis processes, with two (2) cubicles to attend to two (2) donors simultaneously.
  • 1 Donor Recovery Area.

We will soon have a fully equipped infrastructure for the donors who will be in the Instituto Cardiovascular of the FCV - ICV and in the attention points in the Instituto de Medicina Ambulatoria y Preventiva - IMAP, this to make easier for the population the access to our services.